Why You Should Learn SQL

We are getting to a point in this major culture shift to digital dependency where there is a diminishing  boundary between the technical skills required by a coder or a developer and the skills required by a marketer. There is so much data now at our finger tips, that those who are smart simply cannot ignore the importance of certain technical skills in the marketing realm. If you have not heard of the term “Growth Hacking” it basically describes the use of creatively using analytically thinking combined with social metrics to gain exposure and sell products. As time goes on, skills like coding are going to become more essential to marketing tactics. The data we can gather from our marketing campaigns is now so vast that we need a way to be able to process it so that we may capitalize on it. Just understand that if you don’t, someone else will and they will beat you.growth-hacker-definition

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a tool that allows us to store, retrieve, and manipulate entries in a database. This is a skill most commonly used by developers, but marketers are coming to realize that we can gain some incredibly valuable intelligence from SQL. Ensuring your content is visible to the right audience and that your outbound methods are reaching your target audience can be done extremely efficiently by running a query through your database of clients with your target parameters. This will make your current and future marketing campaigns much more effective, so if you are in the marketing field and are not at least decently versed at SQL, I implore you to take a few hours and learn the basics.

Let’s say that you are to run an ad campaign through Facebook to boost your sales for the month. Facebook makes this incredibly easy for you by providing you with a user-friendly ad generator that allows you to target your following and all of their friends, refining the ad-based on basic demographics, and interests. This is a great start, but with SQL, you can take this a step further to really refine your reach which keep your brand loyalty rock solid and yield a better conversion rate. You can run an SQL through your existing client database and sort your customers by more specific qualities like the date of their last purchase, or what they purchased. You can even bring up correlations between certain qualities in your customer entries with and/or operations. With information like this you can target occasional buyers or one-time buyers who may just be waiting around for something from you to catch their eye like another deal per say, all without disturbing your frequent customers, who are loyal to you and do not need you to remind them to buy from you. A quality relationship between business and customer takes time and effort to build but that can all vanish as a result of a few too many “spammy” promotions.  When you can effectively use SQL, you should be able to virtually eliminate this threat.



Amazon, being the largest e-commerce site in the world does an overwhelmingly superb job at utilizing SQL to get the right advertisements  to the right audience and automate it. Selling everything from A to Z they reach a huge span of customers. It is therefore vital that they use SQL to automate their marketing campaigns base on the behavior of their customers. Someone who shops on Amazon strictly for decorative items like candles would not appreciate an ad like the on the left. Even someone who had already purchased a computer from Amazon may be a little annoyed by seeing something like this ad. A computer shopper who visited the site for a while and the left without making a purchase, on the other hand might really appreciate one of these deals.

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